One Health Certified Program: Impressive step toward informed responsible consumer choice

One Health Certified Program is responsible animal care for responsible consumer choice.

Dennis Erpelding (Jan 15, 2020) – The launch of the One Health Certified program is an amazing step forward to help consumers make an informed choice in support of responsible animal care principles. Consumers today are bombarded with numerous labels, or claims, related to animal production practices which is fantastic for an array of choices. However, many of these niche market programs have trade-offs and unintended consequences for the animal and the environment. This program appears to take a wholistic approach within the ‘One Health’ global context of humans, animals and the planet.

The press release announcing the launch noted, “One Health Certified, a comprehensive animal care program, establishes verified animal production practices in five core areas: disease prevention, veterinary care, responsible antibiotic use, animal welfare, and environmental impacts.”